Our Commitment

Becoming a member of The Little Gym Australia means lots of things. It means your child benefits from more than 37 years of classes designed to build the skills and confidence needed at each stage of childhood. It means you can choose from a variety of programs that are fun on the outside and full of opportunities for growth and development on the inside. It means that our team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience for you and your family. But most importantly, it means you’ll see noticeable positive differences in your child with each new achievement. That’s a commitment you can count on.

Join at Any Time. While we encourage participation throughout the duration of the Season, there’s no long-term commitment. You can join any of our classes at any time on a pro-rated basis.

Tuition Options as Flexible as our Gymnasts. We offer multiple payment options so that you can select the one that best meets your family’s needs. You can pay monthly, every few months, or all at once. It’s up to you. Plus, prices are pro-rated so you only pay for the classes that haven’t occurred yet.

Make-Ups Made Easy. Whether it’s a stuffy nose or a trip to Grandma’s, we know some circumstances may keep your child from attending each week. Just let us know in advance and we’ll happily schedule a make-up class. That way, you never miss out on the value of your classes and we never miss out on seeing your smiling faces.

Safe, Sound, and Squeaky Clean. We work hard to ensure each visit is clean and safe for you and your family. Daily and weekly cleaning and sanitation helps keep things sparkly and neat, but that’s not all. You can be rest assured that mats, equipment, floor and furniture were all selected with safety in mind.

The Little Gym is Fun, Seriously. Our classes are designed to bring out loads of giggles and grins. But make no mistake, there is some serious development going on. While children are having fun, our Learning Units and Three-Dimensional Learning approach means kids are also strengthening their physical skills, building self-esteem, and learning to love the feeling of achievement. It all adds up to a promise of confidence you can feel confident in.