More Than 37 Years of Serious Fun

In the mid-1970s, The Little Gym concept sprang from the heart and mind of founder Robin Wes. An innovative educator, musician and kinesiologist, Robin envisioned a nurturing place where children could explore their physical development, while also growing socially, emotionally and intellectually. Although teaching physical education in a competitive setting was the accepted norm at the time, Robin believed there was a better approach. Instead, he created an environment filled with the spirit to achieve rather than the pressure to win. Robinʼs non-competitive approach was unheard of back then. Revolutionary, even.

Robin opened the first The Little Gym in 1976 in Bellevue, Washington. Since then, weʼve honed the teaching methods he set into motion, structuring them into an expanded curriculum, with each class building on lessons learned in previous ones. And while Robin continues to create original music for each lesson, his inspiring vision has evolved into something bigger than he ever could have imagined. In 1992, under the leadership of Bob Bingham, the concept was franchised, spreading The Little Gymʼs methods and results across the globe.

Today, children in more than 300 gyms worldwide experience the positive benefits of The Little Gym.